BeadApp 1.6

Changes in 1.6

We have added many new features in this version of BeadApp. You can now add thread and text elements directly into your project. We have reworked the hole system in order to improve performance and reliability. We also partnered Google AdMob in order to provide more beads in the free version of BeadApp and last but not least, many bugs were fixed to further improve stability and performance.

  • Thread
  • Hole system
  • UI rework
  • Ads
  • Optimization

BeadApp Basic

Previous versions of BeadApp offered only a limited version of the app intended for evaluation purposes. Starting with version 1.6, we decided to turn this limited version into a fully functional experience with access to 50+ beads. This version now contains ads to support further development of BeadApp. The ads play after a period of time while you are working on a project and can be disabled by purchasing the BeadApp Plus subscription.

BeadApp Plus

BeadApp Plus is a paid subscription that gives you access to all the advanced features (Thread, Layers, Text) and a complete bead catalog.